Matt Hobby’s Wings

My bro is famous in our family for these! So tasty, and much less expensive than take-out or delivery. Send me a review later, while you’re licking your fingers!

Using sharp kitchen shears, cut wings at the joint, discard skinny end part. (it’s pointy.)

Put cut pieces into strainer.

Rinse wings under cold water.

Wash hands with antibacterial soap.

One cup – flour.

Teaspoon – salt.

Quarter teaspoon – black pepper.

1/8 of teaspoon – white pepper.

Quarter teaspoon – onion powder.

Whisk together with a whisk/fork.

Place aluminum foil on cookie tray.  Cover aluminum foil with cooking spray.

Oven to 450.

Grab two wings – shake excess water.  Cover with flour (by placing in flour).
– tip: use one hand to toss wing in flour, keep the other hand on the bowl.  otherwise both hands become gummy with flour mixture.
– tip: only toss two wings at a time, otherwise flour mixture can collect too much water and become gummy.

Place breaded wings on cookie tray – not touching.

Lightly coat the top of wings with cooking spray – be sure to cover each wing.

Bake for 15 minutes – turn wings (1/3 turn).  Repeat two times – for a total of 45 minutes total baking.

3 parts Frank’s Red Hot Original – 2 parts butter. Brush over wings. Enjoy!